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Designed to make a Difference

Unlike traditional Personal Emergency Response systems, Instant Care is the only console designed to save lives by preventing medical emergencies before they occur.

It has been documented that approximately 40% of heart attacks are fatal!*

However, it is also known that heart attacks, strokes and other medical conditions often have “early warning signs”.

It is for this reason that we have designed a patented system that truly makes a “life and death” difference.

In many cases medical emergencies can be addressed days in advance. It is for this reason that Instant Care was developed. Only Instant Care provides emergency response and PREVENTATIVE CARE!

With a single touch of a button a caller is in contact with an Instant Care RN or MD who will begin addressing their medical needs immediately.

All calls are personalized, so there is no “Blind Call”. Our Care Specialists begin addressing a caller’s personal needs from initial contact.

Features of the Instant Care Triage Center include:

• 24/7, 365 unlimited Tele-triage care
• All calls handled by a live person (no voice mail)
• Triage nurses have a minimum of 10 years of field experience (Avg. experience is 17.5 years)

Instant Care delivers a whole new standard in Tele-medical and Emergency Response care.

We put the “Medical” in “Medical Emergency Response!”

*Information provided by the National Institute of Health

Instant Care Inc BBB Business Review

" Like many Baby Boomers, I am responsible for my parents’ well being. Like any son, I worry about them, especially when I am not around. This is the driving force behind Instant Care. This is more than a business to us; it is very personal."

Robert F. Burns Jr., President