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Emergency Button + Nurse Button

Emergency Button

Press the RED (Emergency) button.
Your emergency response system is activated.
An Emergency Care Specialist will talk to you through the Instant Care Console. If this is a medical emergency, or if you do not respond, Emergency Medical Teams are dispatched to your home.
An Emergency Care Specialist will then begin efforts to make contact with the people on your contact list.

Personal Nurse Button

Press the WHITE (Nurse-Line) button.
You are connected to our 24-hour Nurse-Line Center through our Console.
Our Triage Specialist will begin answering your medical questions or assessing your medical needs.

Instant Care - Console

Built in powerful Speaker (you can hear us anywhere in your home)
Very sensitive Microphone (we can hear you anywhere in your home)
Large Emergency Button on the Console
Nurse-Line Call Button on the Console
Integrated Battery Backup System (you are covered even if the power goes off)
Installation is simple and easy:
Plug Console into electrical wall socket. Plug phone line wire into phone jack (phone line wire supplied and ready to plug into jack)

Instant Care – Wireless Pendant
Our patented Two-Button Wireless pendant is engineered with state-of-the-art technology and features:
Unmatched RF technology
Signal strength will cover a normal size home
Signal travels through walls (line of sight not required)
Each Remote has an individual ID signal
No fear of picking up a stray signal that will interfere (next door neighbor’s garage door opener, etc.)
Allows for multiple remotes in the same household: each remote sends out a unique and individual signal to the Console. 
Our patented design allows the Remote to be worn as a Pendant or as a Wrist watch.